TRB Chemedica UK has made provisions for the possibility of a "hard" Brexit which address a number of questions our customers may have. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please write to

 Yes or No 
 If response is 'Yes' - 
how will the supply / 
service be affected 
 Actions taken to mitigate this risk
UK Borders
Will TRB Chemedica's  ability to supply or service customer contracts be affected by any changes in customs arrangements that may transpire as a result of Brexit?

  Substantially increased stock holding in the UK. Direct supply logistics arrangement with EEA based manufacturers. 

What % of goods are sourced via EU countries versus non-EU countries? 
    50% of stock is sourced via EU countries. 
For EU sources, can alternatives or substitutes from UK or non-EU countries be provided?
    Alternative arrangements have been made to supply from non-EU countries (Switzerland) and the UK. 

What is the delivery time impact? 
    There will be no impact on delivery time.  
Stock Holding
Can you identify high risk goods for my company which will be impacted by Brexit and apply an 8-week stock holding dependant on criticality? 
    We have increased our UK holding capacity to six months worth of stock on all lines. 

What contingency steps are being taken regarding supply and logistics, e.g. trialling moving goods through alternative UK ports compared to their operations today?
    We have secured alternative UK port entry for all goods. 

Have you taken on additional capacity for warehousing?

    We have increased stock holding at all UK warehouses, providing a six month buffer. In the event of a no-deal situation, we will increase this further if deemed necessary. 
Custom Tariffs 
Would supplies and services be impacted by a change in customs tariffs between the UK and EU?

Of the Non-EU goods, will these be impacted by No Deal and World Trade Organisation (WTO)? Will tariffs be applied? If so how? 

    If any tariffs or additional charges are applied to any TRB Chemedica–manufactured goods being imported in to the UK after the UK leaves the EU, these will be administered by, and any additional costs will be borne by TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd. There will be NO price increases on ANY of our manufactured product lines as a result of the UK leaving the EU. 
Would supplies and services be impacted by changes in the value of sterling? 

Would supplies and services be impacted by disruptions to the flow of funding between the UK and EU (e.g. transactions to and from EU bank accounts)?

  UK based banking

Would supplies or services be impacted if data could no longer be stored/processed in the EU?

  Data is stored locally and in Ireland (cloud)

Human Resources 
Will the services be impacted by a more restrictive immigration regime? (e.g. in the case where delivery of the contract is dependent to some degree on EU nationals working in the UK ) 

  All employees are UK Citizens

Do supplies or services rely on specific regulations from the EU in order to specify the services/goods being delivered? 

Will key sub-contractors be able to meet their contractual commitments in the event of a ‘No Deal’ EU Exit?
    We do not use sub-contractors

Contract Changes
Is there a need to make substantial changes or variations to the service specification as a direct result of EU Exit?

How will you keep my company updated on supply issues and shortages?
    All changes and up-dates relating to this situation will be made on this web page which will be up-dated regularly.