OSTENIL® injections are classed as a Class III medical device, not a prescription only medicine (POM). Therefore, Extended Scope Physiotherapists and other clinicians who have had training in intra-articular injections don’t need to have a prescribing license in order to administer viscosupplementation injections. 

For OSTENIL® TENDON peritendinous injections, however, we recommend the use of ultrasound visualising equipment to ensure correct placement of the hyaluronan, thus ensuring the best possible treatment outcome.


ARe Ostenil® injections safe with patients on blood thinning medication? 

There is no evidence that the intra-articular infiltration of OSTENIL® (1% concentration of non-cross linked Sodium Hyaluronate of fermentative source) or OSTENIL® PLUS (2% concentration of non-cross linked Sodium Hyaluronate of fermentative source with Mannitol) increases the potential for intra-articular bleeding/ hemarthrosis. However, the resulting needle trauma induced by any intra-articular injection needs to be considered by the treating physician on a case by case basis, and suitable titration of blood thinning medication may be necessary prior to any IA injections being administered.