OSTENIL® injections are classed as a Class III medical device, not a prescription only medicine (POM). Therefore, Extended Scope Physiotherapists and other clinicians who have had training in intra-articular injections don’t need to have a prescribing license in order to administer viscosupplementation injections. 

For OSTENIL® TENDON peritendinous injections, however, we recommend the use of ultrasound visualising equipment to ensure correct placement of the hyaluronan, thus ensuring the best possible treatment outcome.


ARe Ostenil® injections safe with patients on blood thinning medication? 

There is no evidence that the intra-articular infiltration of OSTENIL® (1% concentration of non-cross linked Sodium Hyaluronate of fermentative source) or OSTENIL® PLUS (2% concentration of non-cross linked Sodium Hyaluronate of fermentative source with Mannitol) increases the potential for intra-articular bleeding/ hemarthrosis. However, the resulting needle trauma induced by any intra-articular injection needs to be considered by the treating physician on a case by case basis, and suitable titration of blood thinning medication may be necessary prior to any IA injections being administered.  


Advice on Intra-Muscular or Systemic administration of Ostenil Tendon

As Ostenil Tendon is licensed for peri-tendinous or intra-sheath infiltration, no clinical data relating to Intra-Muscular or Systemic administration has been generated. The mode of action of Ostenil Tendon is contingent on the infiltrate being directed to the locus of pathology in the sheath or paratenon of the affected tendon, the direct mechanical amelioration of adhered overlying tissue is achieved by the infiltrate’s capacity to separate the tendon from any adhered or tethered tissue, and return the tendon to a normative pattern of ‘gliding’ movement within the sheath or paratenon. 

Due to the consistency and viscosity of Ostenil Tendon, it will not easily infiltrate or permeate the meatus of the tendon, thus the concept of IM use is not considered generally appropriate.