Patient with Severe Knee Osteoarthritis is Virtually Pain-Free for 6 Months After Injection

This report comes from "The Ultrasound Site" and is courtesy of Rob Mast, Extended Scope Physio and MSK Sonographer:

"OSTENIL® PLUS injection of the knee

This was a very interesting case involving an Ostenil plus injection of the knee. This patient had previously suffered several traumas to his left knee. When he was only 15 years of age he had some knee pain which he attributed to playing football. ... I performed the injection of Ostenil Plus with the use of ultrasound guidance ...

The procedure was uneventful. I reviewed him one month post injection and he said that he was virtually pain free. He was again seen by one of my colleagues in September this year (one year later) and said that he had been pain free for at least 6 months post injection and then had a gradual worsening of symptoms and (stiffness and pain) but still not to its previous levels. He received another Ostenil plus injection from my colleague and opted to contact us if and when symptoms worsen. So far he has not contacted us."

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