Two North East Symposia in April:



April was a particularly busy month for TRBC UK who organized and delivered two full day CPD events: 2nd NORTH EAST SHOULDER & ELBOW SYMPOSIUM at The Durham Centre, Belmont Industrial Estate, and the 8th NORTH EAST FOOT & ANKLE SYMPOSIUM at The Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough Football Club. 
Enthusiasm for the return of face-to-face events was evident, with an eager turnout of over 150 regional and national registrations, appealing to a variety of healthcare professionals including Physiotherapists, MSk Clinicians, Podiatrists, Sports Medics, GPwSIs, Osteopaths and Orthopaedic Trainees. Both events hosted a multi-disciplinary faculty comprised of Orthopaedic Surgeons, MSk Radiology Consultants, Senior Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners and Allied Healthcare Professionals, which allowed programmes to be both comprehensive in scope and in-depth in education. From anatomy and biomechanics, through to clinical and radiological diagnosis followed by treatment options - from conservative management, interventional applications to surgical aspects.


Course organisers Rachael Graham (North East & Scotland Territory Manager, TRBC UK) and Mr Rajesh Nanda (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS FT) were delighted to collaborate this year with the British Elbow & Shoulder Society, to host this symposium as their first BESS Roadshow (stay tuned for future UK regional events to be announced soon…).        
This years theme: ‘The Rotator Cuff & Tennis Elbow’ was delivered via a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and small group practical workshops. Morning sessions were interactive lecture-based with afternoon sessions smaller group practical focused - delegates broke out for workshops including hands-on sessions specific to joint and soft-tissue injections: both landmark (delivered by Nick Livadas, Teesside University) and image-guided (Prof Waqar Bhatti & Dr Gulraiz Ahmad). 
Prof Waquar Bhatti sparked a particularly engaging group discussion surrounding therapeutic injection considerations and presented evidence as to why viscosupplementation should be considered an effective treatment option for degenerative joint and tendinopathy disorders. With the demand for conservative patient management ever increasing, and with the NHS under building patient backlog pressure, it should be highlighted that any clinician suitably qualified to inject are able to offer Ostenil Range treatment - licensed as a medical device and not a pharmaceutical, an independent prescribing qualification is not required.

A big thank you to our 2nd NESES Faculty - a multidisciplinary team of orthopaedic surgeons, radiology consultants and senior advanced physiotherapy practitioners.



Course organisers Rachael Graham (North East & Scotland Territory Manager, TRBC UK) and Mr Rajiv Limaye Nanda (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS FT) were joined this year by Dr Matthew Bowa (MSk Consultant Radiologist, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS FT), colleague of Dr Peddada Raju (MSk Consultant Radiologist, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS FT) who unfortunately was unable to attend. This year’s theme year focused specifically on Achilles Tendinopathy, delivered again as a mixture of lectures and interactive workshops.
Beth Alderton, Surgical Care Practitioner, presented highly-favorable results of the recently published Ostenil Tendon study at North Tees & Hartlepool NHS FT: ‘Early Outcome of a Single Peri-Tendinous Hyaluronic Acid Injection for Mid-Portion Non-Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy’. A prospective, single-center, pilot study to evaluate a single injection of Ostenil Tendon over 3 months. Mean pre-injection VAS score 9.38 cm (9-9.8) significantly reduced post-injection to a mean score of 4.09 cm (2-8) at week 2, improving further to 3.01 cm (2-3.9) at final follow-up (p < 0.0001). MOxFQ score showed a significant improvement from pre-injection value 67.77 (63.03-72.55) to 31.18 (13-60) at week 2, and further to 24.20 (15.73-32.67) at the final follow-up (p < 0.0001). This small study series suggests an encouraging response to a single injection of HA as an effective and safe option for non-insertional Achilles tendinopathy. The full paper can be accessed here:  Furthermore, this paper has been accepted for poster presentation at the upcoming Isokinetic Football Medicine Conference in Lyon 4th-6th June 2022. 

A big thank you to our 8th NEFAS Faculty - a multidisciplinary team of orthopaedic surgeons, radiology consultants, senior advanced physiotherapy practitioners and allied healthcare professionals.


Some more pictures from the events:

Mr Rajesh Nanda, Course Consultant Organiser, welcoming delegates to the 2nd North East Shoulder & Elbow Symposium – a strong registration of 87 delegates. Prof Waqar Bhatti leading a small group practical breakout session: a hands-on introduction to ultrasound imaging. Thank you to Siemens for their support in providing the Acuson Sequoia machine.
Nick Livadas leading the hands-on landmark guided injection technique workshop, featuring training models. Nick is Senior Lecturer at Teesside University on the Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy UCPCE course – aimed at clinicians who assess and treat peripheral musculoskeletal disorders and who have developed the clinical skills to be able to autonomously provide this advanced practice therapy. For further information on this course, please get in touch, we’d be happy to can refer you on. Mr Radhakant Pandey dynamically overviewing assessment of the shoulder.
Dr Gulraiz Ahmad assisting with the interactive ultrasound teaching demonstration – delegates keen to volunteer as clinician or patient!


Beth Alderton presenting results of recent Ostenil Tendon for Achilles tendinopathy study. Conclusions: HA is an effective and safe treatment option. Recommended second line treatment following failed conservative treatment (physiotherapy/shockwave). Dr Matthew Bowa lecturing on radiology perspectives for tendo-Achillies. Thank you to Siemens Healthineers for their support.
Nick Livadas leading a small group practical breakout session for assessment of tendo-Achilles, a physiotherapist's perspective.   

We would like to extend a big thank you to all sponsors of the events: TRB Chemedica (UK), Siemens Healthineers, BESS, North East Muscoloskeletal Society, Ramsey Healthcare Tees Valley Hospital, Nuffield Health Tees, Lavender Medical, Stryker and Arthrex.