Answers to FAQs on how to get OSTENIL® 

How can I get any of the OSTENIL® injections?

All OSTENIL® products have to be administered by a suitably qualified clinician. This might be your GP, a Consultant, or a qualified Physiotherapist or Podiatrist who will usually order the syringes on your behalf. Alternatively, you can obtain a prescription and take this to your local pharmacy where it can be ordered for you. You will then have to take the syringes back to the clinician for injection into the affected joint.

Can I buy OSTENIL® direct from you?

Yes, you can, if both you and the clinician treating you are resident in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland. (For other countries please see the next question.)

Payment is via Credit or Debit Card, or PayPal. Just go to the Product Page (click on the Drop-Down Menu under "Products" at the top left in the navigation area), e.g. OSTENIL® PLUS, and click on the "Add to Basket" button. This should add the item to the Shopping Basket. If after that you click on the "Shopping Basket" icon at the top right you can then complete your order by following the instructions on the pages.

Please also note that during the ordering process you must acknowledge that OSTENIL® injections have to be administered by a suitably qualified clinician. This is because joint injections require special training and, ideally, imaging equipment. 

If you experience any problems during the process, please first check your browser settings. You can also contact us on .

The new online ordering facility on our OSTENIL® website is intended to help patients in situations when e.g. their local clinic or GP prefers not to set up an account with us but is still willing to offer viscosupplementation as a treatment option for osteoarthritis. 

Can I buy OSTENIL® for treatment in my home country (not in the UK or ROI)?

If you live in another country, or if you wish to buy OSTENIL® for a relative or friend who lives in another country and will be treated there, then please note that we do not export. However, OSTENIL® products may be available in your country, too. For addresses of subsidiaries or distributors around the world, please visit the website of TRB Chemedica International on, then on the left hand navigation click on the product name, then under the product image on the right click on 'Distributors'. Here are some shortcuts for you:


In case of any difficulties please contact our parent company on  

When will I receive my order?

As the only manufacturer-appointed distributor of the OSTENIL® range products in the UK, we always maintain ample stocks for immediate dispatch. Typically, any orders placed before 1.00 pm on a working day will be delivered on the next working day. Orders placed over the weekend or bank holidays will be dispatched on the next possible working day for delivery the following working day. Deliveries to the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, or the Irish Republic may take an extra day or two because of longer transit times.

We use UPS as our courier company. Please note that if no one is available to sign for the parcel your order will be left at a nearby UPS Access Point for collection at your convenience. 

However, there may be delays due to reasons which are out of our control. Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions of Sale which apply at all times.

Are OSTENIL® products available on the NHS?

Yes, they are. Please ask your GP for further details.

Which NHS doctors can give me OSTENIL® injections?

TRB Chemedica cannot supply a list of NHS doctors who can administer OSTENIL®. But you are very welcome to print off our OSTENIL® leaflets (please scroll down this page) or any other page on our website and take the information to your GP or Consultant for discussion and consideration. He will then advise you as to whether he considers OSTENIL® a suitable treatment option for you.

Is there a private clinic in my area that can inject OSTENIL®?

For private treatments, please have a look at our  "Find An Expert" page where you will find a list of clinics that can offer OSTENIL® injections.

My private medical insurance refuses to fund my injection. What should I do? 

If your GP or other clinician tells you that they believe that private medical insurers will not reimburse OSTENIL® or OSTENIL® PLUS injections and, as a result, may only consider OSTENIL® if you are a self-funding patient, you may want to direct them to this website: The "Clinical Coding & Schedule Development Group" provides the specific codes used by the four major insurers (BUPA, Aviva, AXA-PPP, and VitalityHealth) for injecting a viscosupplement into a joint with or without guidance.

The relevant codes can be found by clicking the ‘procedural’ (green) tab and entering ‘Viscosupplement’ in the search box. The codes that come up are:
W9032 – Injection of viscosupplement into joint WITH image guidance
W9033 – Injections of viscosupplement into joints WITH image guidance (bilateral)
W9042 – Injection of viscosupplement into joint 
W9043 -  Injections of viscosupplement into joints (bilateral)

These codes are used by AXA-PPP, Aviva, and VitalityHealth. The code for BUPA is AA663, which has to be used in conjunction with W9030 (joint injection under guidance), or W9040 (joint injection without guidance). If you go to the individual insurers websites then you can also see how much they pay for using each of the codes and what restrictions there are. 

However, the insurers will have their own specific policy regarding applicable clinical circumstances and products to be used.


How about OSTENIL® TENDON, where is this available?

OSTENIL® TENDON is still a relatively new product and treatment option, so we are still working on getting it more widely available. Read more on OSTENIL® TENDON here.

Our leaflet on OSTENIL® TENDON is below, you can print it off and take it to your GP or other clinician for discussion and consideration.

Our Patient Information Leaflets on OSTENIL® products:

You can print off the leaflets below and take them to your GP or other clinician for discussion (requires Acrobat Reader ). 


Ostenil / Ostenil Mini Patient Information
Ostenil® and Ostenil® Mini patient information leaflet 2013
pdf document 3.71 MB
Ostenil Plus Patient Leaftlet
Ostenil® Plus patient information leaftlet 2013 version
pdf document 3.73 MB
Ostenil Tendon Patient Information
Ostenil® Tendon patient information leaflet 2012 revision
pdf document 1.8 MB